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Plum Hallow, Crosby, Chaffeys Locks, Forfar, Scotch Point, Morton, Newboyne, Freeland, Jones Falls, Delta and many more


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Rideau Lakes, Ontario

The Rideau Lakes in Ontario are not only a vital asset to the municipality economically speaking, but they are also a major tourist destination due to its history and gigantic size. Many visitors enjoy the Rideau Lakes township due to its charming villages such as Plum Hallow, Crosby, Chaffeys Locks, Forfar, Scotch Point, Morton, Newboyne, Freeland, Jones Falls, Delta and many more. Another place to stay is in Wesport. This town is very popular since it is completely surrounded by the Rideau Lakes although it is the only town which is not encompassed by the Rideau Lakes township.

Besides being one of the most picturesque spots for fishing in the Ontario area, Rideau Lakes is open year round for fishers. Many fishers love Rideau Lakes during the months May through August for its ideal temperatures yet many fishers come to the area according to when their favorite species is in season. There are many species which fishers can catch including the walleye, the largemouth bass, the smallmouth bass, the muskellunge, the Lake trout, the black crappie, the northern pike, the catfish, the white fish, the yellow perch and the sunfish.

The black crappie, the Catfish, the sunfish, the whitefish and the yellow perch can be fished for year round. If you are a bass lover, whether it be the smallmouth bass or the largemouth bass, the best time of the year to fish for these little guys is from the last Saturday in June until the last day of November. Both the Northern Pike and the Walleye dominate the Rideau Lakes. Fishers can begin to fish for these species on the first day of the New Year until early March for the Walleye and until the end of March for the Northern Pike. Then in mid May, these species resume in high demand until the end of December. The high season for lake trout is between the end of May and until the first week in September and the Muskellung appears the first week in June until mid December.

If this is your first time fishing in the Rideau Lakes area, you should be forewarned that fishing for these species before their official opening season is deemed illegal. It is also unprofessional for fishers to do so as fishing for these species before the opening of the season as it will interfere with the species’ spawning and rearing season. At the Rideau Lakes, you are allowed to catch and keep your fish although there is a limit depending on the species per day. For example, in one given fishing day you are allowed to catch up to 12 catfish per day and keep them. There is also a ban on using lake herring or cisco (dead or alive) as your fishing bait.

While out on the waters you must have a Sport Fishing License. Depending whether you are a resident of the Ontario Province, a Canadian Citizen or resident, or a non resident who lives outside of Canada, you can apply for different types of fishing licenses to fish at Rideau Lakes. No matter where you are from you must have a license to fish.

Enjoy your time in the Rideau Lakes area. There are many charming villages that you can explore and even stay in while fishing in this township. The scenery is spectacular and you will not find an area in Canada that is similar to the Rideau Lakes as it is one of a kind. Remember as long as you have a license, you can fish all year around. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity at Rideau Lakes.


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